Human civilization is in a precarious place. Our world-view of separation and division has led us to treat each other and Earth’s systems as commodities rather than cherished kin, and it has brought us to the cliff’s edge, if not beyond.


We can do better, but as Einstein said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” So, where do we find a “new level of thinking”?!

JD’s answer: reality itself. 


In the last 150 years, the global science community has expanded our knowledge about how natural reality works, and how it came to be. The science fields now overlap, revealing an astonishing and awe-invoking mosaic of time and space, life and change. 


After 24 years studying and teaching the sciences, JD Stillwater has a broad understanding of that mosaic, a big-picture perspective that reveals some surprising and profound truths. JD calls these “the revelations.” These are concepts that most scientists take for granted, but that if average people knew of them, might change their perspective—and their mode of thinking—profoundly.


When we take the revelations to heart, contemplatively, it re-orients us in the universe. From this new perspective, new ways of thinking emerge, guidance that JD calls “the insights.”


JD’s mission is to share revelations and insights from science with as broad an audience as possible, nudging global culture toward a new level of thinking that’s aligned with how reality works: more sustainable, connective, inclusive, humble, graceful, and integral.


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