Fargo-Morehead UU – Fiddling While Rome Burns

UU Church of Fargo-Morehead ND 121 9th Street S, Fargo, ND, United States
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When the entire planet is engulfed in flames (climate change, nuclear arms, fascism, extinction, mass migration), isn’t full-time activism the only reasonable activity? Isn’t everything else a kind of indulgence? What if activism just isn’t your thing? What if your talents and passions lie in something like fiddling? JD shares his own wrestlings with this […]


UUFGC-Combustion Addiction: 12 Steps to Climate Recovery

UU Fellowship of Greater Cumberland MD 211 South Lee St., Cumberland, MD, United States
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Our dependence on fossil fuels looks an awful lot like addiction. Could the 12 steps of AA offer any helpful guidance as we seek a way out? If climate change is a moral/spiritual crisis, maybe a 12-step-style “spiritual awakening” can help.


UCWC – One Song: the Science of Unity

For millennia mystics and prophets have told us that “All is one” and yet we feel ourselves surrounded by separation, antagonism, and isolation! With help from some intrepid dung beetles, science ambassador JD Stillwater takes us on a tour of findings from mainstream science that reveal an underlying wholism in everything from human bodies to […]


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