Info for Hosts

Considering organizing or hosting a talk or workshop? It’s not difficult.


Specific requirements depend on the type of event, but for most events, we’ll need:

  • A contact person to help me find power outlets, restrooms, etc. 


  • Either a projection screen, a large monitor, a good place for my screen, or a light-colored wall for projecting. It’s important that there not be sunshine on the screen during the event. My screen is difficult to transport. 


  • I will bring a projector, but if you have a better one, we can use that. 


  • If the room is large, a P/A system. I’ll bring a head-worn wireless mic and base. 


  • A table from which to sell my books and other merch.


Except for church services, JD asks $500 as a rule of thumb, but don’t let limited budgets prevent us from making something happen. Let’s talk. I do sometimes speak pro bono

Church Services: JD asks an honorarium of $300, but don’t let budgets stop you; your customary honorarium is probably fine. If JD has to travel far from Harrisburg, he may ask for reimbursement and/or home hospitality. 


Other Info You Might Need