JD Stillwater

Science, Sustainability, Spirituality

JD Stillwater is a science ambassador and cultural worker. He speaks and writes about profound revelations and insights from natural reality. 

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From university classrooms to The Parliament of the World’s Religions to academic conferences and civic clubs, JD Stillwater moves and inspires thousands of people all over North America and the globe with science-centered messages of deep connection, stewardship, and kinship.


With a gift for making difficult science concepts graspable for average people, JD continues his decades-long career as a science educator from stages, pulpits, webinars, and workshops, sharing revelations and insights from mainstream conventional science as a source of inspiration and interfaith spirituality. He offers insights from how nature works that inform and promote personal, cultural, and organizational change.


graduate of Cornell University, JD was a top-20 finalist for the Radio Shack National Teacher Awards, is NASA certified to borrow and handle lunar geological specimens, won an award for original work with atomic force microscopes, walked from Los Angeles to Washington DC, serves on two non-profit boards, and authored a children’s picture book on cosmology. 


Currently, JD serves as an Officer of the Religious Naturalist Association, and on the Council of the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science, as well as being an active member of his church. 


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JD’s full-time mission is to lead the wider culture toward a worldview that’s better aligned with how reality works. The currently dominant worldview of separation and exploitation offers only imminent planetary catastrophe. To be effective in creating more sustainable systems, we must change the way we think. But how?! We could look for insight from how reality works. More under Revelations and Insights and Mission.

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