JD Stillwater

JD Stillwater is a science ambassador, presenter, 

writer, musician, coach,

big-picture thinker, and

cultural worker. 

JD’s work springs from his love of science and his tendency to care more about implications than conventions. What he brings to the global conversation is a gift for making difficult science concepts graspable for non-scientists, but then he takes us further into the profound implications that those concepts engender.


JD’s full-time mission is to lead the wider culture toward a worldview that’s better aligned with how reality works. The currently dominant worldview of separation and exploitation offers only imminent planetary catastrophe. To be effective in creating more sustainable systems, we must change the way we think. But how?! We could look for insight from how reality works. More under Revelations and Insights and Mission.

JD is busy with several part-time projects as well:

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